Friday, 6 September 2013

Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?

Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?
This is a most asked question , How to unblock a website or How to unblock a website at school . There are lots of methods available to unblock a website such as Google Public Dns , proxy websites and VPN (virtual private network) softwares etc . Being a crazy internet user , Often I confront these questions from my friends and colleagues .
Though Google public Dns method is good but it does not work with each internet service provider and it does not unlock every website . And it has another shortcoming , this method is a little bit complicated and technical , every internet user can not make settings well .
Proxy websites and proxy servers , if a proxy website offers paid services then this method is pretty useful , but the majority of internet users doesn't like paid proxy websites , in other words can not afford .  

Saturday, 1 June 2013

How To Download And Convert Youtube Videos Into Your Favorite Video Format ?

YouTube and other video sharing websites are a great place to learn new things and skills . As well as you can enhance and improve your expertise by watching video tutorials . Thousands of people has become expert in their favorite trade or field , With the help of these video sharing websites and without formal teacher . Especially on YouTube , Many well known and highly expert persons has a channel on YouTube and spreading their knowledge by uploading video tutorials . Photoshop tutorials , programming tutorials , web designing tutorials , seo and blogging tutorials , every kind of tutorials are available on YouTube and the good thing is that all this treasure of knowledge is totally free .
If you are one of those who want to save this treasure of knowledge on your computer/laptop's hard drive . Or you want to watch video tutorial on your multimedia cell phone then this article is for you .
You will have to do two things , Download and after downloading you have to  convert your download video tutorials into compatible and suitable video format in order to watch your favorite video tutorials on your media player and multimedia cell phone .

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