Friday, 6 September 2013

Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?

Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?
This is a most asked question , How to unblock a website or How to unblock a website at school . There are lots of methods available to unblock a website such as Google Public Dns , proxy websites and VPN (virtual private network) softwares etc . Being a crazy internet user , Often I confront these questions from my friends and colleagues .
Though Google public Dns method is good but it does not work with each internet service provider and it does not unlock every website . And it has another shortcoming , this method is a little bit complicated and technical , every internet user can not make settings well .
Proxy websites and proxy servers , if a proxy website offers paid services then this method is pretty useful , but the majority of internet users doesn't like paid proxy websites , in other words can not afford .  

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