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Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?

Spotflux Vs Hotspot Shield , Which On Is Better ?
This is a most asked question , How to unblock a website or How to unblock a website at school . There are lots of methods available to unblock a website such as Google Public Dns , proxy websites and VPN (virtual private network) softwares etc . Being a crazy internet user , Often I confront these questions from my friends and colleagues .
Though Google public Dns method is good but it does not work with each internet service provider and it does not unlock every website . And it has another shortcoming , this method is a little bit complicated and technical , every internet user can not make settings well .
Proxy websites and proxy servers , if a proxy website offers paid services then this method is pretty useful , but the majority of internet users doesn't like paid proxy websites , in other words can not afford .  

You would have noticed that whenever you use proxy websites your PC gets too much slow down . You cannot sign in your account such as Facebook and YouTube , if you use a free proxy website to unblock any website . I discovered this fault when YouTube got banned in Pakistan . I was not able to upload videos to YouTube because I could not sign in my YouTube account .
I found VPN (virtual private network) both free and paid softwares so much effective in this regard . I use two very popular freeware VPN softwares Hotspot shield and Spotflux to unblock YouTube . These both free VPN softwares allows you to do everything downloading , uploading , searching and you also can sign in your account and whatever you want . Although both free vpn softwares is a useful way to unblock a website but in this article , I will write a competitive review that which one is better .
Everyone loves his privacy and in the world of the internet hiding your real IP , it helps you to protect your privacy . Hotspot Shield gives you 3 unique IP address , United States , Australia and United Kingdom . But on the other hand you get only one single IP address in Spotflux . In this regard , Hotspot shield is better than Spotflux .
Tough Spotflux gives only a single IP address but you will find it much better in another aspect . If you use Hotspot Shield freeware then you will have to face lots of advertisements and without your consent these advertisements get appeared . Sometimes advertisements are full of unhealthy and adult content . It is not recommended if your kids use your PC , in that case you will have to purchase its paid advertisements free subscription . Although you may face advertisements in Spotflux but Spotflux does not annoy you .
Effects on your PC's speed and performance , As a I mentioned earlier that you have to face annoying advertisements in Hotspot shield freeware version , that's why it can slow down your PC's speed and performance and as well as your internet connection speed I mean to say browsing and downloading because its advertisements contain videos . If you don't close these advertisements then your PC can be hang .  But unlike Hotspot shield Spotflux does not slow down both PC and internet performance at all . So we can say that in this regard Spotflux is much better than Hotspot Shield freeware version .
You can use both freeware VPN softwares in Windows ( XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 ), Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion) , Apple Ios ( iPhone/iPad) and most popular Android (2. X and 4. x ) .All this comparison was my personal experience . If you have more something about this topic then you can share with me , Comment section is awaiting for your precious comments .

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  1. Hello and thank you for your post.

    I use Securitykiss with 300 MB Free per day!
    I've bought their 41 locations for 6 months for $15 USD or about $2.94 and it works for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android ect.

    SecurityKiss didn't lockup my old Vista Asus and started VPNing faster.
    I use it on my W7 notebook and my S3 Android with no problems.



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