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Speed Up Windows 7 , Seven Best Optimization Tips

Windows 7 , This is a most used operating system nowadays . Even Microsoft has released Windows 8 though but Windows 7 still is a very popular Windows version . Like any previous Windows version , Often we face sluggish Windows 7 speed and performance experience . I have compiled a list of optimizing tips can be utilized to speed up Windows 7 .

(1) System requirements 

Let's start with Windows 7 system requirements . Have a look at  your PC's system resources . To check this out . Right click on " Computer " icon and then press " Properties " , here you can see what your machine has . Yeah! I agree with you , It is impossible to install Windows 7 , if a PC does not meet basic system requirements . Windows 7 requires a 1GHZ processor and 1GB RAM . As per my personal experience , this is not a pretty nice combination . How ? . Suppose , Your PC has both 1GHZ processor and 1GB RAM then it is not enough , If you use Microsoft Office , browse the internet etc , at the same time . Certainly your PC will create problems for you . If we turn it double , then we can get better results in terms of speed and performance . 2 GHZ processor and 2GB RAM is a perfect combination . If you have this combination (2 GHZ processor and 2GB RAM or better) but still you are facing problem or you can't afford to upgrade system resource then read this list of optimization tips I hope it will you make your Windows run faster .

(2) Startup applications

Startup applications very crucial for Windows operations , but it does not mean that each Startup application is mandatory . There are many Startup applications which are unnecessary and don't Windows to be quickly loaded or boated . Therefore you should  have a look at  them and decide , which one is necessary and which one unnecessary . This will help you improve overall system performance . To disable unnecessary we can use a built-in and free tool “MSconfig”. Click “ Start “ and write “ MSconfig ”in search box and then click “MSconfig”. Now click on “ Startup “ tab , Now you can disable/able any start up item . But keep in mind , don't do this carelessly .

(3) Disable Unneeded Background Services

There are many critical background services running that are very important for Windows operations , but apart from important background services . There are also unneeded background services that we can say those an extra burden on system resources . I would recommend you disable them . Follow below given instructions to stop/disable unneeded background services . Click “Start Menu and type “services.msc ”in search and hit “Enter”In next Windows that you will see after clicking “Service” . Here you can disable an unnecessary service disable or set to Manual (a service which you want to use later , you can set them to Manual) . First off , you need to do is that stop your desired service if it is on by default . After doing so , Head to properties of your desired service by using right click button of your mouse . Now you can set the service to Manual or totally disable (In the Startup type) . You are done .

(4) Uninstall Unnecessary Softwares

Install only those softwares that you consider essential and whenever you install a trial software after its trial ends or a software you don't really need , don't forget to uninstall  them immediately . It not boost overall system performance , but you also get extra disk space . Though we can use built in feature of Windows 7 named “Programs And Features” but personally I am not satisfied with it . Programs And Features , It can not remove all garbage that a software leaves after deletion . I would like to recommend third party uninstaller .

(5) Use A Good Antivirus Software

Don't forget to use a reputable and foolproof antivirus and antimalware software . Having a reputable and foolproof antivirus and antimalware software , This not only make your digital life secure , but also helps to speed up Windows 7 . Many of my friends tell me , Antivirus softwares slow down PC's speed and make sluggish . It is totally untrue . Actually there is a battle going on between your antivirus and viruses , malware , spyware , adware and other tools that hackers use to hack us if you are infected . Once you perform a complete system scanning process then you will never such a problem .  Apart from traditional antivirus softwares , use a reliable and foolproof anti malware software .

(6) Wipeout Unnecessary And Temporary Files

Remove all junk data and files like temporary files , shortcuts , history , if you use the internet , downloading , browsing and searching  history , cookies and cache etc. We can use a free third party software to do so Ccleaner is a pretty nice example .

(7) Use Minimal Visual Effects

After trying all previous tips , You are still not able to speed up Windows 7 , Let's try another method . We can disable certain or even all visual effects to enhance overall performance . This may make your Windows 7 boring or colourless , but you will definitely feel a clear difference in overall speed and performance . Go to Control Panel and open up " System" and then click on "Advanced System Settings"

Okay now you will have to click on Settings (In the Advanced tab, under Performance Section) Performance Options window . (under Visual Effects tab) Here , you can disable options by selecting ‘Adjust for the best performance‘ or only those options that you do not need . After this , click apply and then ok to exit . You are done .

I hope this list will help our readers to speed up Windows 7 . If in case , I have skipped something which may be helpful . Please share with us using comment section . 

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